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Our first Author, who happens to be the owner of Eiram Media and Publishing!

Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer and her curly hair brave the humid southern summers of North Carolina. She is a book lover who enjoys using her analytical and creative side to try and make a positive impact in the world. 

Being bullied herself in grade school because she was different, she realized it took some time to go from thinking something is wrong with her to coming to terms that we are all different and unique, and that is a good thing. Jennifer knew she wanted to help children so they would come to the same realization sooner than her. Most of them aren’t confident in who they are, and this usually flows into adulthood. In the current world of social media, seeing their constant comparison to others, she channeled her inner Mr. Rogers and wrote this book. With this picture book, she wants to help children gain confidence in who they are, and hope even bullies can come to terms with who they are and be compassionate towards others. A percentage of the profit from Unique Starts with YOU! will go to a good cause for children.                       

Click here to visit Jennifer's Amazon Author Page and purchase her book!

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